Let your Empire grow with any of our transformers or command control products

While the power pack that comes with every M.T.H. Ready-To-Run set provides plenty of power to operate your set and several accessories, you’ll find as you add more track, cars, and accessories to your layout that you need more power to keep everything running. Fortunately, M.T.H. has you covered.

In O and Standard Gauge, M.T.H. offers no less than four AC output transformers that distribute between 40 and 400 watts of power to the track. Our HO DC-300 is a full-fledged 30 watt power supply perfect for most HO pikes.

M.T.H.'s command control efforts are highlighted by our DCS Digital Command System, the industry's most capable and easy-to-use command control technology available today. You'll find three different DCS options to choose from, each capable of operating any of today's M.T.H. products in each of our products lines.