MTH Electric Trains Authorized Dealership Program

MTH Electric Trains is committed to advancing and protecting the integrity and value of our Premier Line, RailKing, Tinplate Traditions, Rugged Rails, MTH HO, ScaleTrax and RealTrax products. In order to accomplish this, MTH has developed and Authorized Dealership Program. This program will protect the value and image of our products, strengthen the retail environment for the vending of these products, and ensure customer satisfaction.

All MTH Authorized Dealers must meet the requirements listed below.
MTH reserves the right to discontinue supplying MTH products to any account not adhering to the policies listed below.

MTH Authorized Dealer Criteria

  1. Operate a retail train or hobby store in a commercial retail area.
  2. Provide a professional, attractive retail environment.
  3. Maintain a business phone and fax line.
  4. Maintain a listing in the dealer's local yellow pages under the 'hobby'
  5. Maintain an operating O gauge layout to properly display and showcase
    the benefits and features of MTH Trains.
  6. Maintain a knowledgeable, courteous staff to provide information on the
    benefits and features of MTH products.
  7. Dealer will properly utilize Point of Purchase displays, videos, signage,
    etc. provided by MTH. (This includes materials provided at
    reasonable cost by MTH)
  8. Dealer will refrain from any advertising or sales policies which will, in any
    way, impair the integrity or diminish the value of MTH product.
  9. Dealer shall be responsible for maintaining any licenses, permits, etc.
    necessary to lawfully conduct business under all federal, state and
    local laws and regulations.
  10. Dealer will employ its best effort to actively advance and sell MTH
    products and deal in an honest and forthright manner with all
    customers. All unresolved customer complaints should be reported to
    MTH in a timely manner.
  11. MTH reserves the right to inspect any advertising, promotional, and sales
    material a dealer may use to promote MTH products.
  12. Transshipment, diversion or consignment to another business or location
    for the purpose of disposing of MTH inventory or for the purpose of
    circumventing the above policies is not permitted.

If you fulfill the above qualifications, please WRITE US to receive an application. You will need a photo of your storefront (including all signage) and store interior (including layout) and a copy of the yellow page ad listing.