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Lionel Corporation Tinplate Holiday Items In-Stock And Ready For Shipment November 21, 2012 -

The magical holiday season is upon us and M.T.H. has a wide selection of holiday-themed train sets and add-on O Gauge and Standard Gauge tinplate cars in-stock and ready-to-ship. See your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer for ordering information.

Item No. 11-2026-1 Christmas No. 8 Std. Gauge Pay-As-You-Enter Trolley w/Proto-Sound 2.0

Item No. 11-30114 M&M's Christmas No. 214 Std. Gauge Box Car

Item No. 11-5505-0 Christmas 249E O Gauge Steam Passenger Train Set (Traditional)

Item No. 11-70021 Christmas 2800 Series O Gauge Reefer Car

Item No. 11-70028 Christmas No. 2816 O Gauge Hopper Car

Item No. 11-70047 Christmas No. 2814 O Gauge Box Car

Item No. 11-70048 Christmas No. 2815 O Gauge Oil Car

Item No. 11-70074 M&M's Christmas No. 2814 O Gauge Box Car

Item No. 11-80015 Christmas No. 605 O Gauge Baggage Passenger Car