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December 2, 2009 - M.T.H.'s Lionel Corporation Tinplate 384 Ready-to-Run train sets have begun shipping to M.T.H. Authorized Retailer locations.
Standard gauge steam engines like the No. 384 in our ready-to-run sets were not scale models of real locomotives, but cartoon-like caricatures: wildly oversized drivers; bright brass, copper, and nickel trim; colorful, gleaming paint; and a cast iron frame topped by a sheet metal boiler and cab.
Check out the set in Taylor's Product Update VIDEO.
These sets replicate the magic of the tinplate trains that gladdened the heart of many a child in the early decades of the 20th century, and give you everything you need to begin your own tinplate family tradition - all in one box.
The rich colors of the Christmas set celebrates the colors of the season and is a great beginning for your own annual holiday tradition. Thanks to Proto-Sound 2.0 electronics, our 384 steamer delivers smoother operation than any original standard gauge locomotive, as well as huge plumes of puffing smoke - synchronized with the drivers ' revolutions - and a clanging bell and wailing whistle guaranteed to delight children of all ages.
Perhaps the most distinguishing element of the new sets and all the Lionel Corporation Tinplate products is the all-new packaging design, created especially for this unique and one-of-a-kind product line. The new packaging combines classic Lionel graphical elements in a modern presentation. Inside most packages, the locomotives and cars will come wrapped in special protective sheets - decorated in Lionel Corporation Tinplate decor - and inserted in impact-resistant polyfoam.
Each of our tinplate sets contains a Proto-Sound 2.0 equipped locomotive and a trailing freight or passenger car consist. Standard gauge sets are equipped with a circle of traditional standard gauge tinplate track while O Gauge sets come equipped with a 31" x 51" oval of. Both gauges of sets include a powerful Z-1000 transformer.